Using Your Smartphone to Enhance Your Life

Using Your Smartphone to Enhance Your Life

Smartphones are a blessing and a curse. They help keep us better connected and can make our lives so much more convenient. They also, however, can feel like a ball and chain that we can’t get away from.

Would you be interested in a few ways your smartphone may be able to lift your spirits, the spirits of someone else and enhance your life every day? Here are a few.

Email Yourself

Near the end of the day, email yourself an encouraging note about what you want to get done the next day. Use uplifting, positive language like “You are going to have a great meeting with Bob and Frank.” or “You will be energized all day and be productive.” Make a habit of reading this email first in the morning before getting into other less positive emails, news, or social media. You can become your own email pen pal cheerleader.

Send Someone a Music Video Via Text or Email

Video streaming services are filled with old music video and audio clips you can easily forward to an old friend, relative or coworker. Choose uplifting songs of encouragement like “Don’t Stop Believin’”, “Nothin’s Gonna Break My Stride” or even the theme from Rocky, when appropriate. Include a short note like “This song always reminds me of you!” or “Thought you could use this today!” It actually can be quite fun choosing a song a day for someone to brighten their day and to let them know you are thinking of them.

Create a Smile File in Your Images

Include images that give you joy and bring a smile to yourself every time you look at them, It may be a loved one or pet, or be from a favorite time or exceptionally fun experience. When you are feeling just a bit down, bring out your “smile file” and remember to be grateful.

Create a Personal Best Note on Your Phone

Did you just close your biggest sale? Complete your farthest or fastest run? Reach a new high in your savings account or investment fund? Make note of these “personal best” achievements on your phone. They can serve as a source of inspiration.

Smartphones really begin to grow in value when we learn to use them to truly enhance and uplift our lives. Explore the new ways you may be able to use yours a more enriching life. 

Have you been putting off the decision to acquire life insurance? Let us help. There is absolutely no pressure to talk with one of our life insurance professionals to discuss where you are in life and how to better secure the future of your family. Contact us for a no obligation life insurance review and quote. Life insurance offers an affordable path to greater peace of mind. You can even use your smartphone to contact us!

Life’s Important Numbers

Life’s Important Numbers

Have you ever been in a crowd and heard someone call out your first name? There could be hundreds, or even thousands of people in the crowd, dozens of which could share that name, but you will be compelled to turn around and try to find the person to see if they were seeking you out. Even fathers and mothers will be caught up if someone in a large crowd yells out “Hey Mom” or Dad!”. But few would even turn their heads if someone yelled out their street address or first five numbers of their social security number. That doesn’t mean, however, that numbers aren’t as important as names. Here are three numbers that will impact your life.

Your Credit Score

Many don’t realize how important a credit score can be until it starts costing money. The difference between a great and poor credit score may not only impact whether you can get a loan or not, but how much you pay for that loan. It can cost hundreds or thousands over the life of a car loan and tens of thousands over the cost of a mortgage. Your credit score may also impact whether you can get certain jobs or not. Work on improving your credit score. It is a number that can make life easier and even more affordable.

Your Birth Date

We are talking more about age here than astrology. How old you are impacts many of your rights and freedoms. You can drive at 16, vote and serve in the Armed Services at 18, and depending on the state, drink alcohol or gamble. At 25, you can rent a car, you can become President at 35, and apply for Medicare at 65. As you get older, your car insurance rates may go down but your life insurance rates may increase. Your age impacts more that what we think.

Your Physical Stats

Your height, weight, cholesterol count and blood pressure, among other stats, will influence your ability to get life or health insurance and how much you pay.

Of course, other numbers like your Social Security Number, Address, Phone Number and Password and ID numbers are important as well, but none may be as critical as your age, credit score and physical stats. They are worth noting and paying attention to.

Life insurance, in particular, is a number focused product. It is least expensive when you are young and healthy. Premiums factor in numbers like mortality rates and gender. Your height and weight ratio, blood pressure and other numbers can also influence life insurance premiums.

The bottom line is that if you are in good health and young, you can likely get a significant amount of life insurance even without a physical or medical exam. When is a good time to buy life insurance? Well, you are not getting any younger, so the answer may very well be now.

Contact one of our independent life insurance agents to compare rates for you. All numbers considered, this may be the best time.

Your Life Insurance Application Can Be Your Guide to Living Longer

Your Life Insurance Application Can Be Your Guide to Living Longer

Do you want to live longer? The steps to a longer, healthier lifestyle just may be contained in the questions in a life insurance application. No, there may not be much you can do about your age or gender, but that application can provide some keys to helping you live longer.

How? Because life insurance companies view specific behaviors, habits and physical attributes as positives or negatives to your health and will adjust your rates accordingly.

This isn’t your mother nagging you or your doctor telling you (again) to drop a few pounds. It is a black and white, unbiased application based on statistics.

So what is this application telling you the keys are to living longer?

Stop Using Tobacco

Tobacco use is considered so harmful to your health, its use will likely lead to higher life insurance rates. It is no longer restricted to just smoking either. Want to live longer? Stop the tobacco use.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

You don’t have to be a body builder to maintain a healthy weight. As long as you are within reasonable height and weight ratios, you’ll likely be just fine. The problem is overweight applicants tend to have more heart issues and are more susceptible to diabetes. It is reasonable that life insurance trace many health issues to being overweight.

Minimize Use of Alcohol and Drugs

Excessive use of alcohol and drugs can impact the length of your life in several ways. It can lead to riskier behaviors, and they can impact your physical health.

Don’t Engage in Risky Hobbies

Sure, you only have one life to live, but if you want to help ensure a longer life, note the risky hobbies and activities noted in a life insurance policy. Skydiving? Mountain or rock climbing? Motorsports? Your life insurance application can serve as your guide.

It seems we are always looking for ways to look younger, feel better and live longer. We always seem to be in search of new products and services to help us. All along, the advice is right there in a life insurance application.

Your life insurance rates may never be less expensive. Connect with one of our independent insurance agents to discuss your needs. There is no obligation to get a free quote. We look forward to assisting you.

The Price of Your Morning Cup of Coffee

The Price of Your Morning Cup of Coffee

You hear a lot of product prices compared to the cost of “just a cup of your morning coffee.” Upgrade to a new cellphone for about the price of your morning cup of coffee or sign up for a streaming service that may be even less than a cup of coffee each morning. First of all, let’s be honest. Those going through that coffee shop drive-thru in the morning every day are paying far more than they should be. After all, those spending $4 or $5 per day for a cup of coffee and donut or other treat are probably spending over $2,000 annually for that morning “boost”. That can be used elsewhere to enhance your life, including life insurance.

Those who claim they can’t afford life insurance while visiting that coffee shop daily may be being completely upfront. They’ll claim the coffee is something they deserve, it makes them feel good and provides comfort.

These are some of the very same “feel good” feelings those who purchase sufficient life insurance experience. You can too.

Look, we’re not saying you should give up your morning coffee if that is critical to your day. But, perhaps you can do with one less streaming service, or you or your family you can delay that decision to upgrade to the latest smart phone or even turn down the thermostat in your home to save enough to provide critical life insurance coverage for your family.

We’re just sayin’. The choice is yours.

It is that way when you contact one of our independent insurance agents for a no obligation quote. We’ll seek our multiple quotes from our network of companies, but you make the final call.

Nobody can make life choices for you. If you love your coffee, fine. If you want the latest smartphone, fine. But there may be areas in your life just a bit less important than life insurance. Connect with us and let us show you your options.

What Amount Would You Sue For?

What Amount Would You Sue For?

Here’s an uncomfortable thought. If a loved one or spouse were to be killed in an auto accident due to the negligence of another, what damages would you seek? There are lawyers who make a career out of such cases, because they often have lucrative settlements.

It is likely you wouldn’t settle for an amount in the tens of thousands of dollars. After all, their life was shortened, ability to produce an income was stopped, not to imagine the other losses associated with an at-fault accident.

While many lawyers will seek out a million dollar or more settlements in such cases, the victim may have only carried a modest amount of insurance on their own life. It can be viewed as a bit ironic that a person may only carry a few thousand dollars of insurance on their own life, but should that life be taken by another, its value rises into the millions.

Understandable, mind you, but a bit ironic.

We are sometimes asked how much life insurance a person should have. You can answer your own question by asking how much compensation would you seek in the event of that’s person’s unjust death? It is a question worth asking.

Life insurance prices are at an exceptionally affordable level. If you haven’t had a price quote on life insurance for you or a loved one, now is the time to at least explore your options. There is no obligation to get a quote. Just contact us and share a bit of information. Tell us about your future financial goals and current personal status. We can go to work building a plan for you. Again, there’s no obligation. Even if you feel you can’t quite afford the full amount of insurance you desire, we can help you get started with a solid plan to build upon,

See how easy we can make it. Connect with on of our agents today.


Why is Life Insurance Least Expensive for Those Who May Need It Least?

Why is Life Insurance Least Expensive for Those Who May Need It Least?

You have probably heard it before. “Life insurance is cheapest when you are young and healthy.” But isn’t this also the time when life insurance may be less critical?

Well, it is a fact. Life insurance is not only cheaper when you are younger and healthy, but it is simpler to get, especially in large amounts. Young and healthy applicants can usually qualify for significantly more coverage without the need for a physical, especially if they don’t smoke, are within height and weight parameters and in good overall health.

For most, this is common sense. Young, healthier people will usually live longer and the short-term payout of the policy is less likely. All this being said, you could be young and healthy and still benefit greatly from a sizable life insurance policy.

Let’s take a young married person with two children, a house, debts and earns most of the family’s income.

This person could be in their twenties, but may have hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay on a mortgage. They could incur significant medical bills, have a car loan or school loans and credit card debt. If they want to provide for the education of their two children, that alone can reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If a spouse were required to work following the death of the insured, there could also be childcare expenses and, of course, basic day-to-day living expenses.

So the point is this. It is not necessarily true that the young and healthy are less likely to need large amounts of life insurance. In fact, if they are beginning what is a promising life, they may be most likely to need significant life insurance coverage.

Are you young and healthy? Are you starting a life with a home, new family and earn a solid income? Let’s discuss your situation and your need for life insurance. Our independent life insurance agents can offer you coverage from a variety of companies, so you can choose a policy you are comfortable with. We look forward to assisting you.

The Value of Resilience and Flexibility

The Value of Resilience and Flexibility

It wasn’t that long ago, people chose a job or career and stayed with it for 20, 30 or even 40 years and then retired. After a Great Recession, pandemic and ups and downs in the economy, more and more are realizing the value of flexibility and resilience in our lives. We have all learned more about the true meaning of the old expression “Necessity is the Mother of invention.”

We have seen teachers move into business careers and managers become entrepreneurs. Marketers have found careers as “influencers” and meeting planners have become involved in organizing virtual events. Many of us have adjusted to working from home, meeting by video and maintaining social distancing. Cruise lines have made adjustments as have doctors and lawyers.

What is it that you do well? Not just what you do for a living, but what are the skills you have and talents you hold that are exceptional? Can you identify and define them?

If you are a good salesperson, why? Is it because you are exceptional at communicating? Do you have good people skills or are you relentless and focused?

Are you good at real estate because you enjoy helping people or appreciate architecture? Do you enjoy making a positive impact on people’s lives?

We are sometimes successful without fully appreciating why.

Take some time and think about what makes you good at what you do and the type of interactions you enjoy having. Are there other opportunities and careers you may be suited for? Now may be a good time to explore them.

If you enjoy interacting with people and helping them, you just may want to consider a career in insurance, including life insurance. Every day our agents help people build and protect their futures. We work to find them products and services to match their needs and fit their budgets. We have professional opportunities that just may be perfect for you or someone you know.

We know. Not many people grow up with a burning desire to become an insurance agent. But when you begin to recognize your skills and talents and how they match up with the opportunities our industry offers, you just may want to consider a career as an insurance professional. Contact us for more information. Like our insurance quotes, there’s no obligation to learn more.

How Long is…?

How Long is…?

We understand that it takes about a second to say “about a second” or that a minute is a relatively small amount of time consisting of sixty seconds. We are taught that a foot is 12 inches, but it is much harder to imagine that 5,280 of them would make up a mile. Yet there are other phrases we have heard that we may have even less of an idea of what they mean. Here are some examples.

A Generation

We have heard of “a once in a generation athlete” or “once in a generation solar phenomenon.” But how long is a generation? Should it be taken literally, as if how long it takes a complete generation to pass on? Actually, while not exact, a generation is usually understood to be about 20-30 years, the amount of time it takes one generation to replicate into another. A six generation family would include a living Great-Grandparent, Grandparent, Parent, Child, a Grandchild and Great-Grandchild.

A Season

If you think all of our seasons are exactly the same length, you are mistaken. In fact, they change in length slightly as to when they start and end each year. Summer is actually our longest season at 93 days and 15 hours, followed by Spring at 92 days and 19 hours. Fall is 89 days and 20 hours in length and winter is 89 days in length.


A score is a period of 20 years. When Lincoln gave his Gettysburg address saying “Four score and seven years ago” he meant 87 years ago.


Before being associated with a video game, a fortnight was a definition of a period of time meaning two weeks. “I’ll be back in a fortnight” meant I will see you in two weeks. Fortnite, the game, uses a slightly different spelling.

A Business Day

While a business day generally lasts 8 hours, if a vendor says your package will be delivered in three business days that does not mean 24 hours (3×8). A business day refers to a day business is conducted through the week, Monday through Friday. If an item is promised for delivery in 3 business days and is ordered on a Tuesday, you should have it by Thursday or Friday. If ordered on a Friday, however, a three business day delivery means the package should arrive by the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

An Eternity

No one know how long this is, so it generally refers to “never gonna happen.”


The average lifespan for a woman in the U.S. is about 78 years while the life expectancy for a male in the U.S. is about 75 years.

Unlike eternity, we know our lifespan has limits. This is why so many people buy life insurance, to continue to support those left behind in the event of their death. Life insurance can pay old bills, account for final funeral expenses and even provide for a future college education of a child or grandchild. If you would like to know more, contact one of our independent insurance agents with your questions and to get a no obligation quote.

Mr. Cheapo’s Bootcamp

Mr. Cheapo’s Bootcamp

Are you overspending? Owe too much on credit cards, monthly bills or just can’t afford some things you’d like? Maybe you need to save up for a vacation or a down payment on a home. You can do it! It just may take a visit to Mr. Cheapo’s Bootcamp.

Here, you may have to make some dramatic changes to your lifestyle, but it could be just for a designated time (3 months, six months, a year). You’ll also be required to track your results, by putting cash saved into an envelope, account or at the very least by tracking it.

At Mr. Cheapo’s Bootcamp, choose from a variety of tasks to accomplish to save you real money while in the camp, putting it toward your chosen goal. It is not easy, but remember, it doesn’t have to be forever, just until you get better financially.

Minimize Driving

Walk or bike to short errands. You’ll feel better physically and save miles and money. When you do drive, consciously consolidate errands.

Make Big Adjustments to Your Thermostat

Can you live in your house with temperatures five degrees warmer or cooler? Sure you can, if it is just temporary, and you want to achieve a goal.

Brown Bag it for Lunch

Even if you eat lunch at home, go full-on brown bag with a sandwich and a piece of fruit. You can make a lot of sandwiches with a loaf of bread, some peanut butter and jelly, tuna fish and/or lunch meat.

Avoid Eating Out for Dinner

The price of a fancy dinner with drinks might just buy a whole week’s worth of groceries. Start cooking at home. If you need a night out, just take advantage of happy hour drinks and dine at home or skip the expensive adult beverages when dining out. Remember, you are not just saving on your bill but the tips and transportation too!

Surgically Remove Yourself From Electronics

Get a cheaper phone or phone plan, cut the cable, eliminate home internet and use public Wi-Fi and watch a month of classics on DVDs from the library or catch up on reading. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call asking for a less expensive plan. If you can’t remove yourself digitally, look for cheaper alternatives and bank the difference.

Look at All Your Bills

How did you get here? What is necessary and what is not. What could you eliminate if you absolutely had too?

You may even be able to save of items like life insurance. Term insurance, for example, is less expensive than whole or permanent insurance. If you have any questions, we would be pleased to help. Connect with one of our independent agents to get a no obligation quote. We look forward to helping you save money!

Common Fears and How to Overcome Them

Common Fears and How to Overcome Them

Most of us have something we are afraid of. For some it may be the fear of heights. Others may fear insects, snakes or enclosed spaces. These are some of the more common fears and phobias, and it is estimated that about 19 million Americans have at least one phobia ranging from mild to severe.

When severe, phobias can impact the quality of our life and in severe cases are actually considered a mental illness. If you don’t like to fly, but it doesn’t keep you from traveling, it is a manageable issue. But what if your fear prevents you from living life to its fullest?

Here are some common fears and steps that may help you overcome them.

Fear of Flying/Heights

Although fear of flying is not exactly the same as fear of heights, there are some commonalities. About one in fifteen people experience a fear of flying known as acrophobia. Some suggest gradual exposure to increasing heights may ease the fear, others suggest relaxation and visualization techniques. Fear of flying can be eased by reading safety statistics on the activity, especially when compared to more common forms of travel like the automobile.

Fear of Enclosed Spaces

Most people who fear small spaces will probably tell you it is not exactly the tight space that causes the most angst, but the thought of becoming trapped in that space. An elevator may not create fear, for example, until it stops unexpectedly between floors with no knowledge of how long it may take to get out. Claustrophobia can be eased by reminding yourself the anxiety will pass, and by taking slow, calming breaths. The thought of panicking may create more anxiety, so think about something else you feel safer about, or about the things you need to do once the elevator door opens.

Fear of Spiders

Progressive exposure can help with arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. Exposure to a series of spider photographs, for example, may be a start. Then you can move to viewing a spider in a safe clear container. Eventually it may lead to holding the container. The vast majority of spiders are harmless and are far more afraid of us than we are of them, but that rationale isn’t always effective.

When fears or phobias are severe, they can sometimes be managed with an anti-anxiety drug. See your healthcare professionals.

Fears are a part of life, and sometimes we just need to rely on common sense and rationale to make the best decisions. This can include the decision to acquire life insurance. If you have a young family, odds are you are at a point of the greatest need for life insurance, although it may not appear that way. Connect with one of our life insurance professionals to discuss where you are in life and how life insurance can provide an affordable way to enhance your peace of mind. We look forward to assisting you.