Discovering Your Child’s Hidden Talents

Discovering Your Child’s Hidden Talents

Talented and gifted children often display common traits. Gifted children are often curious, have long attention spans and have good memories. They will also develop language skills early and display an interest in the world around them. But what about discovering their particular talent? What can you do to help identify the hidden talents in your child so you can help nurture them?

Observe the Activities Your Child Enjoys

Does your child like to twirl around the room? They could be dancers. Do they like to run or wrestle? They could be good at sports. Pay attention to the activities your child does on their own. It could be playing with blocks, putting together puzzles or painting and drawing. Often, children will tell us what they are good at, if we watch and listen enough.

Provide a Diverse Array of Opportunities

Talents come in many forms. They can be artistic, athletic, musical, scholastic and more. Provide opportunities for your child to explore each. Keep in mind they may have musical talent but may have difficulty selecting the right instrument. They may be athletic but not be drawn to golf. Let them explore all categories in search of something that clicks. Be cautious not to imprint your own goals onto them.

Expose Them to the Talents of Others

Many times, young people will be inspired by experiencing the talents of others. This could be a sporting event, concert or theater performance. Children have been inspired by watching the Olympics on TV, going to an automobile race or attending a marathon. The more activities your child can see, the more choices they are exposed to.

If you have a family member with talents in art or music, let them share it with your child. Some talents appear to be hereditary.

Life is a combination of luck, circumstance, planning and heredity. One of the aspects of your control is acquiring life insurance. A well-planned life insurance program can help protect the financial future of your family. Contact us to get a no obligation, no cost quote today.

Six Things About Your Own Body You May Not Know

Six Things About Your Own Body You May Not Know

How well do you know your own body? As familiar as we may be, there are still a surprising number of facts you may not be aware of. Here are just a few.

How Fast Your Fingernails Grow

If you are like most people, your fingernails grow pretty slowly, at just over an inch a year. That means it could take about six months to completely regrow a fingernail from the cuticle.

What Are Those Grooves Under Your Nose?

We all have grooves under our nose that reach from our nostrils to the top of our upper lip. This is called the Philtrum, and biologists have never quite determined its purpose.

What Determines Your Eye Color?

The amount and quality of melanin in the front of the iris is what determines the color of your eyes. Those with brown eyes have large amounts of melanin in the iris while those with blue eyes have less of the pigment. Melanin also factors in the color of your hair.

How Fast Your Hair Grows

While rates differ slightly by person, hair grows at a rate of about 1/8th inch per week. That means about a quarter inch every two weeks, about a half-inch every month and roughly six inches annually.

What Factors Impact the Size of Your Feet?

The size of your feet (and hands for that matter) are largely determined by genetics, but can also be influenced by the quality of your diet while growing up. To a great degree, feet and hand size are proportionate to height, with taller people generally having larger feet.

Which of Your Body Parts Are Likely To Wear Out First?

Everything else being equal, most medical professionals agree that joints are usually the first body parts to begin to wear out. Joint aches and pains begin in a person’s fifties and sixties.

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Tips for Staying Mentally Fit

Tips for Staying Mentally Fit

It is no secret that as we age, we do so mentally and physically. But yet so much of our focus is staying physically fit. Perhaps it is vanity or ego, but having an attractive, energetic and fit body seems to be so much more important than staying connected and mentally sharp. If you have concerns about your mental fitness or just want to be adept mentally and physically, here are some tips.

Stay Connected and Make New Friends

Staying connected with the people we have as friends and family is vital in staying mentally fit. But so can making new friends and expanding our horizons. Most of us lose friends and family members as time marches on. It makes sense that expanding that network would keep us more mentally fit.

Stay Physically Active

There is no doubt your physical being impacts your mental being. Physical activity increases blood flow and produces the needed energy to stay mentally alert. You don’t have to hit the gym on a daily basis, but you know where you stand in terms of your physical activity. Working to increase it will improve your mental fitness.

Exercise Your Mind

Reading can be like running. Using your imagination can be like jumping jacks. Solving puzzles may be like riding a bike. A large part of staying mentally fit is feeding your mind with new information, testing yourself with puzzles and problems, and flexing your imagination. There is nothing wrong with relaxing your mind through meditation, but don’t forget to exercise it. You may be surprised about how learning the map of a continent, discovering the history of a people or learning a new game can expand your horizons and keep you mentally fit.

Improve and Control Your Attitude

Most of us reach a certain point in our life when our attitudes either go on cruise control or are controlled by the actions of others. We forget we can create our own attitude and energy. You can stay fitter mentally by creating your day and the attitude you have when facing it. Look for the positive aspects and people in your life, smile more and improve your mental outlook.

Are you paying enough attention to your mental state and fitness? It is a huge part of life. You can improve it by making sure you are properly taking care of life’s details. This can include life insurance.

The simple choice of looking into life insurance coverage can bring about peace of mind and satisfaction. It can help put you on the right track in protecting those important to you. We invite you to contact us for a quick no obligation quote that may pay benefits to your attitude for years to come.

How Are You Feeling?

How Are You Feeling?

It is a simple enough question. Many of us ask, or are asked it several times daily. It may be phrased slightly differently, like “How are ya doin’?. “Things going okay?”or even “What’s new?”, but they are intended as little wellness checks from one person to another. Sometimes they are just meant as a version of hello, but the intention is to check in.

How often, however, do you ask the question of yourself? Think about it. Right now, how are you feeling? Are you a bit tired or lethargic or energized and enthusiastic? Are you sore and have aches and pains or are you feeling spry and flexible?

Posing the question to yourself is an interesting exercise because we so seldom do it. Most of us go about our days accepting how we feel in the then and now, without giving it much thought. That is until we get the flu or ache from exertion from the previous day.

Asking yourself how you feel can be a habit that leads to some positive life changes. That’s because how we feel often can be traced back to what we did, ate or drank in the recent past.

Take breakfast, for example. Is what you are eating providing you with fuel to get your day started or setting you up for a mid-morning crash? Does your fast food lunch energize you or make you want to take a nap?

How do you feel when you get enough sleep and when you don’t? How about when you drink enough water or when you have one too many glasses of wine? Are you feeling stressed in traffic driving to work? Keep a log if it’s helpful. The point is, once you identify how you are feeling, you can usually find a cause for it. Once you find that cause, you can make adjustments.

Maybe talk radio should be replaced with smooth jazz in the car. Perhaps a fruit juice could replace that latte. You may even find yourself having a salad for lunch once in a while. No pressure. No stress. No one preaches about what you should do. It is just you asking yourself the simple question “How do I feel?”

Most of us want to live long healthy lives and do the right things. It can start by paying attention to the small things, like how we feel. It also includes taking care of business and protecting your family’s future with life insurance.

Life insurance is simpler to get than ever, and in many cases, is less expensive than people think. Connect with one of our independent life insurance agents and start a conversation. Once you make the decision to secure life insurance, you will feel better.

Decreasing Term Insurance

Decreasing Term Insurance

You may know that there are two basic forms of life insurance, permanent insurance and term insurance. You may also know that permanent insurance is well, permanent as long as premiums are maintained. You may further know that term insurance is designed to cover the insured over a specific period of time or term. But did you know there are several types of term insurance policies? One of these is decreasing term insurance.

Decreasing term insurance provides coverage for the insured’s life for a specific period of years. The amount of insurance, however, decreases over that period. In what circumstances would decreasing term insurance be valuable?

Let’s say you have just purchased a home and have a significant mortgage on your house. If you have a 30-year mortgage, a 30-year-decreasing term life insurance policy could coincide with the amount you owe on your home until it is paid off.

Another example is those who have a young family. They could benefit from a large amount of life insurance to insure a certain standard of living and even take care of future college costs. In this situation, however, permanent insurance may not be affordable enough. A large 20 or 30 year decreasing term insurance would provide protection while you build up savings and a college fund. In 20 or 30 years, when you no longer need that much life insurance, your premiums and coverage would cease.

The attractive aspect of term insurance is that it is more affordable when compared to a similar amount of permanent insurance. This allows you to acquire as much protection as possible.

If you have a large amount of financial obligations and/or just want to provide as much protection as possible for a young family, decreasing term life insurance may be a viable option. We invite you to contact one of our independent life insurance specialists to learn more. You may be surprised at just how affordable life insurance can be. We look forward to assisting you.

How Travel Enhances Life

How Travel Enhances Life

For some, travel is a passion, something they actively seek out. For others, it just may be a part of their job. There is no question, however, that traveling can enhance our lives.

It Gives Us a Better Perspective

Whether traveling is done by air, car, boat or train, going from one place to another gives us a better perspective on just how big our world is and how much things can change in a few hours. It’s one of the reasons some people prefer traveling by car. It provides a real sense of distance and landscape changes occur more gradually.

It’s Educational

Traveling is a superb way to learn, especially when paired with some reading or research. Reading about the Civil War can contribute greatly to the experience of visiting Gettysburg or watching a video can help you get more out of your trip to Paris. Traveling can provide real life lessons in history, geography and foreign languages.

A Chance to Immerse Yourself in a Language and Culture

That German class in high school is far different than walking through the streets of Munich. Ordering a pizza at home doesn’t come close to the experience of Italian food in Milan. The music, the smells, the food and the people of each destination have something different to offer.

It Is a Front Row Seat to Life

Rather than just experiencing places through a book, film or television, you see places and things for yourself. You can see how small Plymouth Rock is and how tall the Gateway Arch is. You can see the changing of the guard in London and hear the impeccable acoustics of the Sydney Opera House.

Traveling Creates Memories

One of the truly special aspects about traveling is the memories that are created that you’ll have forever. There are the people you meet, the experiences you have and the sites that you’ve seen. Even just traveling across the U.S. will expose you to a variety of distinct differences and a whole new set of memories.

Traveling is one of life’s sweetest fruits. It is well worth the time and investment.

While travel is not an obligation, it has its benefits. Life insurance is similar. You may not be obligated to have life insurance, but it sure offers peace of mind. It can feel good knowing you’ve done the right thing and your family will be provided for. Connect with one of our independent life insurance agents today to get started on your path to securing the future for your family.

The Quality of Sleep and The Quality of Life

The Quality of Sleep and The Quality of Life

There are some things, right or wrong, that we accept about sleep. We’ve been told we need 8 hours of sleep nightly, we do our best sleeping at night, and the older we are, the more likely we’ll get up during the night to use the restroom. Let’s separate some fact from fiction when it comes to sleep.

Most Do Not Dream in Just Black and White

We have been told we don’t dream in color, yet many of us can vividly remember dreams in color. Research actually shows that only about 12 percent of us dream exclusively in black and white.

We DO Actually Sleep About a Third of Our Life Away

Typically, we do sleep an average of eight hours a night. That, in fact, does equate to one third of our lives sleeping. In spite of this, most of us keep looking for the cheapest mattresses.

The Light Bulb and Industrial Age Changed Sleeping Habits

Prior to the electric light bulb and going to work at a job outside the home, sleeping habits were much more flexible. Some people slept four or so hours at a time. Illuminating the darkness and regular work schedules outside of the home changed that.

Electronic and Digital Devices Are Harmful to a Good Nights Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, it could be that television, computer or cellphone in your bedroom. Even your LED clock could be inhibiting deep sleep. If you have trouble sleeping well, try removing these devices from your bedroom.

You May Awaken at Night More Often the Older You Get

As we get older, it can lead to prostate issues, which can lead to more bathroom trips at night. Prostate issues are not good, but waking up is not a bad alternative to other options.

Foods Can Impact Dreams and Even Nightmares

When Ebenezer Scrooge blamed the visits of the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future on something he ate, he may not have been far off. Not only can foods like cheese, pasta and meats increase the likelihood of dreams, spicy foods can increase the amount of nightmares you experience. Avoid spicy foods prior to going to bed.

Is There a Perfect Temperature for Sleeping?

While everyone is a bit different, experts generally agree that the best temperatures for sleep range between 60 to 67 degrees.

Is There a Scent That Can Help You Sleep?

It is generally accepted that lavender is the best aroma to promote sleep. This can be accomplished through oils, incense, candles and even lavender scented laundry detergent.

The quality of your life can depend on the quality of your sleep. Don’t be afraid to take some simple steps to improve your sleep.

Trouble sleeping can also be stress related. If you find yourself worrying too much at night, take steps to relieve that stress. Even something as simple as life insurance can provide just a bit more peace of mind. Contact us for a no obligation quote on life insurance for you and your family.

Popular Nicknames for Grandparents

Popular Nicknames for Grandparents

Perhaps it’s our reluctance to admit we are getting older. Maybe it is a part of the “50 is the new 40” or “60 is the new 50” movement. Maybe it is just because many of us have viewed our own grandparents as much older than ourselves. Whatever the reason, the term Grandma and Grandpa has fallen out of favor over the decades, replaced by some variation or custom name.

There has actually been research done on the subject, and the popularity of grandparent nicknames varies by region. There is, however, a list of the more common nicknames nationally.

For grandfathers, popular nicknames include:

  • Papa
  • Pop or Pop Pop
  • Pawpaw
  • Granddad
  • Papaw
  • Grampy
  • Poppy
  • Grandfather
  • Gramps

Grandmothers, too, have their own list of popular names. They include:

  • Nana
  • Grammie or Grammy
  • Nanny
  • Mawmaw
  • Mamaw
  • Mimi
  • Grandmother
  • Memaw

The names can be complicated further if there are multiple sets of grandparents. Some simply resolve this by adding a last initial to the nickname. It could be Grandma and Granpa S. or Memaw and Pawpaw G. Names can also be decided by personality traits or skills. There could be a Cookie Grandma, Baking Grandma or Knitting Grandma.

So, who decides what a grandchild calls his or her grandparent? Most would like to think it is the child, but reality is, the Grandparent will likely have a nickname long before a baby is capable of choosing on its own. It is the parents or even the grandparents themselves who will choose. Of course, that is subject to change when the child creates a version of their own.

Most grandparents will tell you what a very special time of life it is. It is also a good time to review your life insurance and even consider the purchase of a small policy on your grandchild. A whole life or permanent insurance policy on a child is extremely affordable and can build cash value for them that can be helpful in later life.

To discuss your life insurance situation, contact one of our independent agents for a no-obligation life insurance review and price quote. Whether you are a Mimi, Mamaw or Pawpaw, you’ll be glad you did.

Why NOW Is the Best Time to Secure Your Life Insurance Plan

Why NOW Is the Best Time to Secure Your Life Insurance Plan

If you want some straight talk about life insurance, welcome. You are about to get it. Many people feel they can, or even should wait to buy life insurance. Perhaps they believe that a mortality drug is just around the corner or that the rules that have been in existence, like, forever, won’t apply to them.

Are you ready for some cold hard facts? You will die. But that is just the first reason why NOW is the best time to get life insurance.

1. You Are Alive

It may seem unfair, but if you are deceased you are ineligible for life insurance. No excuses about the dog eating your application or doctor’s notes will help. The time to buy life insurance is NOW, while you are alive.

2. You Will Never Be Younger

Sorry if that’s a flash for you, but you will never be younger than NOW. The good news is that life insurance is at its least expensive the younger you are. That means it is pretty likely life insurance will never be more affordable than NOW.

3. You May Never Be Healthier

It’s true. If you are healthy today, you may never be healthier. You combine that with never being younger and you have a daily-double combination that could lead to your lowest rates ever.

4. Life Insurance is Technologically Efficient

Technology has made life insurance easier and more simple to attain than ever. This is due in part to the superior technology that is available. A few simple questions and you can likely get life insurance in the amount you desire, most often without a physical and with fewer health questions.

5. Taking Action Now Eliminates Regrets

Waiting may cause rates to increase, may make you ineligible for coverage or may even create a situation where it is too late. Buying life insurance now is the “no regret” solution. If you don’t feel you can afford the amount of life insurance your family deserves, getting started is, well…getting started.

Don’t wait. Contact one of our independent life insurance agents today. At least have a conversation and get a price quote. You may be saying “no” before you “know”, and that would be unfortunate. We look forward to assisting you.

Inflation and Life Insurance

Inflation and Life Insurance

You don’t have to be an economist to realize the impact of inflation. A trip to the grocery store will provide a quick lesson. But how does inflation impact life insurance? There are ways in which inflation does and doesn’t make a difference when it comes to life insurance. Here’s a look.

Inflation Will Impact the Value of Life Insurance Proceeds

What looks like sufficient coverage today may not look quite as adequate in the coming years. There was a time, for example, when million dollar life insurance policies were rare. They are much more common today. Such a policy taken out 20 years ago will buy significantly less today.

The Relative Value Between Premium and Proceeds Will Stay the Same

While the value of the proceeds of a life insurance policy may be eroded somewhat by inflation, it is important to note that in most cases of whole life and permanent insurance, the relative value will remain the same. In other words, what you pay in premiums is also being eroded at the same pace as the benefits. This keeps benefits or proceeds in relative balance with what you pay.

It Is Why You May Want to Revisit Your Coverage

Inflation is one of the key reasons to have a life insurance review every few years. What seemed like a large amount of coverage may not be enough under today’s prices. College is more expensive, as are living expenses in general. You also may be making more income to replace now than previously. A life insurance review can help ensure your coverage is keeping up with inflation and the financial goals you have for your family.

Getting a life insurance review is simple. Gather your policies and contact one of our independent life insurance professionals. They are qualified to help canalize the policies issued by any company. Have a discussion about your current goals and allow them to do the work for you; shopping a network of companies to find you your best value. Of course, the final decision is yours.

Is inflation eating away at the value of your life insurance policies? Should you be concerned? Get a life insurance review and price quote today for the peace of mind you and your family deserve.