Seven Things You May Not Have Known About the Original Woodstock Concert

Seven Things You May Not Have Known About the Original Woodstock Concert

You likely knew The Woodstock Music & Arts Festival took place in 1969 in Upstate New York and turned into an iconic event. Not only did it become a legendary music festival, it resulted in a classic film and best-selling album. You may have heard on how crowds descended upon the concert site. You may even have seen clips of Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Santana and others performing at the event. Here, however, are seven aspects of the performance you may not have been aware of.

1. Ticket Prices

Original ticket prices for the Woodstock Music Festival were $18 when purchased at New York area record stores or in advance through the mail. Event organizers had planned to charge $24 at the door, but overwhelming crowds changed those plans. That $24 would translate to about $150 in today’s money, not bad fort a four-day festival featuring over 30 performers.

2. Jimi Hendrix

Many think that Jimi Henrix’s rendition of the National Anthem kicked off Woodstock, but he and his band were actually the last to perform. Although scheduled to appear Sunday night, Hendrix didn’t perform until Monday morning at 9am. Most of the crowd was long gone and missed his performance.

3. Richie Havens

Havens opened Woodstock, taking the stage at 5:07 pm on Friday afternoon, August 15, 1969. Because so many performers were stuck in traffic, Havens had to play a very extended set, ultimately playing every tune he knew.

4. Arrests

While hundreds of thousands attended the original Woodstock, estimates place arrests at the event at between 80 and 120. Most of these were for more serious drugs than marijuana and far more were arrested on the way to and from the event than at the concert itself.

5. Granola

Because of the huge crowds, food shortages were rampant at Woodstock 1969. The unexpected hero of the day was granola. It has kind of led to an interesting “chicken or the egg” debate when it comes to hippie snacks.

6. Turn Downs, No Shows and Cancellations

Performers who either turned down offers to appear, canceled or just didn’t show up include Poco, Led Zepplin, Jethro Tull, Rod Stewart, Iron Butterfly, Chicago and others.

7. You Can Still Visit

You can still visit the rolling hills that once served as the site for the original Woodstock in Bethel, New York. The site also plays host to the Woodstock Museum at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.

It may be hard to imagine but just about everyone who attended Woodstock is at or past retirement age. Life rolls on, and it is worth protecting your assets along the way. We can help with life, business, auto and home insurance. Get your free quote by contacting us today.

Can Business Insurance Keep Your Company From Being Sued?

Can Business Insurance Keep Your Company From Being Sued?

There are a LOT of good reasons to carry business insurance. It can help cover you from financial losses due to theft, storm damage, and vandalism. It can protect equipment and inventory from losses due to a fire. But can it keep your business from being sued if someone becomes injured on your property or because of the actions of one of your employees?

The answer is no.

The reality is that your business can be sued by anybody at anytime for almost any reason. Business liability insurance can’t prevent that from happening. What it CAN do, however, is pretty powerful.

Business liability insurance can cover you from the negative financial impact such lawsuits may have on your business.

First and foremost, your business liability protection can help pay any legal costs you may incur from a lawsuit, whether the suit is justified or not. This is important, because as mentioned, a business can be sued for just about any reason. In this litigious society, some people view a business as having deep pockets. It is comforting knowing that in such instances, liability insurance will back you up on those legal costs.

In many cases where, for example, an injury took place on the property of a business, the insurance company and lawyers may decide it is prudent to “settle” the case out of court. When all parties agree to such a settlement, the cash amount of the settlement could also be covered under liability insurance.

Finally, should a case go to court and a judgement be issued against your business, your legal fees and judgement would be covered up to the limits on your policy.

No, business insurance can’t keep you from being sued, nor can it stop vandalism, theft or a fire. What business insurance does is cover you from potentially devastating financial losses from covered calamities. The peace of mind alone makes it well worthwhile looking into.

If you currently don’t have business insurance or are unsure of your coverage, we invite you to contact us for a free, no obligation review and price quote. Business insurance can be surprisingly affordable, but you won’t know until you call one of our independent business insurance representatives today.

The Power of Looking Forward

The Power of Looking Forward

We all get into ruts. You know, the “Different Day Same Old Stuff” syndrome. It can be all too easy to slip into them especially if you are not planning a major vacation, a home or car purchase or other significant change in our life. One day turns into the next, and it can seem as if life stagnates.

What can you do to get back on track?

It can help to understand that there is comfort in the routine. Many of us grew up that way. Fried chicken on Sundays, tacos on Tuesday, fish on Fridays. Perhaps Saturday was laundry or grocery shopping day. While routines have value, when the same old week turns into the same old week, it can become boring.

What’s the answer?

Maybe it’s just a matter of having enough things to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be anything major. Sometimes small, unique ideas can provide incentive and motivation. Here are some ideas.

Schedule Something You Haven’t Done in Years

When was the last time you went bowling? Played miniature golf? Played a game of pool? Rode a bike? Schedule something you haven’t enjoyed in a while, every month or six weeks, to add some spice up your life.

Plan a Mini-Trip

You may not be able to plan a vacation every month, but you probably could schedule a night over the weekend somewhere within an hour or so drive. Many of us live with a several hour drive of major cities we haven’t visited or historic places we haven’t toured. These “”mini-vacations” can be rejuvenating.

Pamper Yourself

Speaking of rejuvenating, how about scheduling a manicure, pedicure or massage. Include a friend, spouse or go it alone!

Take on a Small Project

Take time to wash and detail your car, paint a bathroom, change the curtains in a kitchen. These little projects can be rewarding and help build momentum to bigger positive changes.

Make sure there’s always something on your calendar you can look forward to. It doesn’t have to be major, life changing or expensive. It should, however, be fun and provide a benchmark to look ahead to.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, even on small levels. It should also be protected with at least some level of life insurance. Enjoy the peace of mind life insurance can provide by contacting us for a no obligation quote. We can help find life insurance to fit into your budget. Contact us today.


The Fastest Car You May Never Have Heard Of

The Fastest Car You May Never Have Heard Of

If you haven’t been paying much attention to the automobile industry over the past five years or so, the accumulative changes have been astounding. Advances in technology like autonomous driving and alternative fuels have been more than remarkable. What is being somewhat overlooked, however, is the almost unbelievable advances in horsepower being made through these modern power plants.

One car from Sweden, for example, has caught the attention of the world. It just may be the fastest car you never have heard of. It is the Koenigsegg Gemera.

The Gemera is stunning on so many levels.

It is environmentally focused but delivers mind-boggling power. Rather than having just two seats like other hyper cars, the Gemera has room for four, made possible by a combination of vertical pivoting doors and thin carbon fiber seats.

The real story is how powerful and lightning fast the Koenigsegg Gemera is. Propelled by three engines (two electric and one gasoline) the Gemera has 1,700 horsepower that generates 2,600 lb.ft. of torque. If those numbers mean little to you, consider that the Koenigsegg Gemera can go from a standstill to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds. The Gemera is not only all-wheel drive but has all-wheel steering.

The Gemera has a whole host of interesting toys and features that make it so fascinating. The Gemera includes a steering wheel-mounted gauge cluster that remains upright even as the car turns. Side mounted mirrors have been replaced with a camera and a “floating” ball like camera on the dash takes continual 360 degree images around the vehicle whether it is standing or parked.

Interested? The MSRP of the Koenigsegg Gemera is a mere $1.7 million.

Odds are you don’t have a million-dollar daily driver, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have quality auto insurance that fits your needs and budget. Our independent insurance agents can help. Contact us for a no obligation price quote.

Roofing Material Choices 101

Roofing Material Choices 101

Depending on the type of roof you currently have and the climate where you live, roofs can last from 15 to 75 years. They will also vary widely in price range and as usual, you often get what you pay for. If you are in the market for a new roof, there are some choices you should be aware of.

The most significant choice you will make will likely be the material your new roof will be made of. Here’s a quick look at popular options.

Asphalt Composite Shingles

This is one of the most affordable and popular roofing materials used in the United States today. It also has the shortest lifespan. Asphalt composite shingles are flexible, easy to install and come in a variety of colors and shades.

Wooden Shakes or Shingles

Wooden shakes or shingles not only offer a higher level of durability and strength, many consider them a more attractive option than the less expensive asphalt composite shingles. There’s a classic look and appeal to wooden shake roofs that make them popular for many planned communities.

Slate Shingles

Slate shingles have been used for generations and have been popular in the construction of church roofs that tend to be steeper. When properly installed, slate shingle roofs can last for 50-75 years or more.

Clay and Concrete Tile

Popular in Spanish style homes, clay and concrete tile roofs are durable and heavy, and hold up well in high winds. Because of their weight, upgrading to a clay or concrete tile roof may involve strengthening the roof trusses and foundation. These too, have extended lifespans that can reach to 50 years or longer.

Metal Roofing

Once popular only on farm buildings, metal roofs have advanced to become much more friendly for personal residences. They are more attractive, maintenance free and quieter than metal roofs of the past and offer a longer lifespan than asphalt. They are also significantly more expensive than asphalt, but less so than slate, clay or wooden shake roofs.

Solar Roofing

New and exciting solar roofing panels are being developed that not only serve as a roofing material, but can power the home. These options are exceptionally expensive for now, and are still mainly in the developmental stage, but are worth keeping an eye on.

Next to your roof, your homeowners’ insurance is the most important way to protect your home. We can help you compare coverage and rates. Contact one of our independent agents for a home insurance price quote today.

Duct Tape: The All-Purpose, Don’t Leave Home Without it Product.

Duct Tape: The All-Purpose, Don’t Leave Home Without it Product.

Any discussion of the iconic pressure-sensitive adhesive tape must begin with whether it is “duct” tape or “duck” tape. It may surprise you to know that depending on the situation, both may be correct. Duck tape, for example, was originally a tape made with long, thin strips of duck cloth, thus the name. Technically, duct tape is made from a foil that is adhesive backed, that can be used to seal metal ductwork connections, thus duct tape. They are both used interchangeably today, with materials ranging from a silvery gray to fancy patterns and colors. The tape is generally thicker in width, and is stronger than many other options when it comes to taping, sealing, and connecting.

Originally, duck tape was not adhesive at all, but long strips of cotton duck cloth that helped protect metal and could even be used to make shoes last longer. Bridge cables were often coated in linseed oil and then wrapped in duck cloth to protect them from the elements. This type of duck tape was used to protect shoe uppers and as insoles. In the 1930s, power companies frequently used a form of duck tape to insulate electric cables.

Since the early 1900s, various adhesive backed cloth tapes were being produced for a variety of purposes. It was in World War II, however, that duct tape as we know it today, began to be developed by Johnson and Johnson. The adhesive backed tape could be ripped by hand and could be used to seal a variety of items, including munitions. The yet unnamed product was primarily produced in drab army olive green and was used on everything from weapons to jeeps for repairs.

In the 1950s a Cleveland Company acquired the rights to produce a duct tape, and in the 1960s a St. Louis Company manufactured heat and cold resistant tape it referred to as duck tape. Eventually the term Duck Tape, using a yellow duckie logo, was trademarked.

How popular is the tape today? It is estimated that consumers purchase over $75 million of the stuff every year. It is said this is enough duct tape to reach around the equator over 12 times.

Just about every home, office, car and workplace has a roll “just in case.” It has become a staple of the American toolbox.There is even an annual Duck Tape Festival in Avon, Ohio.

Are you prepared for life’s emergencies? Life insurance, auto insurance, business insurance and home insurance can help. Connect with us for a no obligation quote on your insurance today!

Fuel Your Business with a Blog

Fuel Your Business with a Blog

If you are a business owner, even the smallest of business owners, you can add fuel to your marketing efforts with your own business related blog. Blogs are relatively easy, inexpensive and can help you reach the people looking for products and services you offer. They have the added benefit of positioning you as an expert.

Where To Start

Blogs are generally posted on the writer’s website, but there are also a number of sites that host blogs. Start by coming up with a series of topics you may feel are of interest to your customers and potential customers. If you get the same questions over and over on the phone or through emails, these can be good topic starters.

What to Include

Blogs should contain valuable, actionable tips revolving around your business. “What to Watch for When Buying a Diamond”, “Five Quick Tips to a Longer Lasting Car” and “Avoiding Common Mistakes by First Time Home Buyers” are a few. Blogs can be interesting and entertaining but most of all they should make the reader glad they read it.

How Long Should a Blog Be?

Well written, compelling blogs can be up to 1,000 words, but writers can take some pressure off themselves by keeping blogs to 400-500 words. It is not a bad thing if a prospect reaches out to you with questions.

How Often Should I Blog?

You should blog at least once a week if possible. Keep in mind blogs can be split into a multiple part series if the subject warrants it.

Promote Your Blogs.

Make sure you promote your blog in your emails and social media. Ask people to share and like the info if they feel compelled to. You can also reach out to readers for subject material for future blogs.

Blogs are a terrific way to open a dialogue with customer and prospects, keeping you top of mind when they are ready to make a buying decision.

Finally, keep in mind blogs don’t always have to be directly associated with your business. For example, we blog more often about business related subjects than we do about business insurance itself. We do, however, want you to keep us in mind when it comes to your questions about business insurance or to get a free quote. After all, that’s what blogs are all about!

Reachable, Achievable Goals

Reachable, Achievable Goals

Somewhere along the line, we have all been exposed to the benefits of goal setting. The benefits of thinking about, deciding upon and even writing down goals.

There was a time when setting big goals was popular, with the belief that coming up a bit short on large goals is still extremely productive.

Today, making reachable or achievable goals has gained in popularity. The thought is achievable goals help build an atmosphere or environment of success which creates an attitude of achievement.

There is merit to the concept in that if goals are too large or seem impossible to reach, we may either not attempt to achieve them or give up on them too easily.

What are some examples of reachable or achievable goals?

Lose 5 Pounds

This is pretty simple. You can’t lose the 35 lbs. you really want to achieve if you don’t lose five. So why make 35 the goal? Make losing 5 lbs your goal and then make another reachable goal.

Have a $200 Slush Fund in Your Wallet or Purse

Sure, we all want to build financial wealth, but just having an extra $200 in cash tucked away in your purse or wallet can be rewarding. It can be incentive enough to go on and create small but achievable savings goals and build upon that.

Pay off a Debt

We can become overwhelmed with the sheer number of debts we have. Start eliminating them, one by one. Your goal may be to be debt free, but your reachable goal is to eliminate one at a time.

Don’t Add a Debt without Eliminating a Debt

If you don’t think you can eliminate debt, at least make the commitment to not add a debt until you have eliminated one. This is easy, straight-forward and achievable.

Making goals more bite size can set you upon the right track to bigger goals. No matter whether your goals are physical, financial or personal, you can achieve them by making them reachable.

The same can be said for life insurance. You don’t need a $1 million life insurance policy all at once. You can buy $100,000 or $200,000 and build upon it. Contact us to get started. Our independent insurance agents can help you find budget-friendly rates for your circumstances. We look forward to assisting you.

The Little Known Story of the First Japanese Super Car

The Little Known Story of the First Japanese Super Car

There was a time when American car makers ruled the industry. There were always European competitors who stood toe-to-toe with the Fords and General Motor Vehicles we produced, but for a large portion of the past 125 years it has been all about American vehicles.

Things began to change in the 1960s, however, as Asian automobile makers began to enter to market. For the most part, these early competitors were considered cookie cutter or copycat models of inferior construction and engineering. Then Japan introduced a car that captured the imagination of consumers and demonstrated that Asian car makers had higher capabilities and expectations. Toyota introduced what is considered the first Japanese Super car, the 1967 Toyota 2000GT, and it was game on.

Toyota only produced the 2000GT from 1967 through 1970, but it was an eye-opening several years.

Over the extremely limited production of these cars, a total of only 351 were produced. It was sleek, sporty, sexy and everything American muscle cars at the time were not. But the 2000GT was created more to compete with the sporty European models than the American muscle cars of the time. It had an exotic front-mid engine placement and rear-wheel drive with an alluring fastback. This was a two-seater throwback to the late fifties, and it rocked the automotive world.

While it is not exactly known how many of these rarities remain, one was sold several years ago in excess of $1 million. In the years that followed, Japanese cars continued to gain respect in American markets, eventually shedding the image of building boring, poorly crafted cars. Names like Honda and Toyota have become synonymous with durability and reliability. It just may have started back in 1967 with the limited production run of the Toyota 2000GT.

No matter what you drive, it deserves quality automobile insurance coverage, and we can help. We invite you to let us compare car insurance rates for you. Our independent insurance agents can do the work. Simply contact us, tell us about yourself, your car or cars, and other drivers in the family. We can help set you on the path to terrific coverage at a price you can appreciate!

You May Never View Your House the Same Again

You May Never View Your House the Same Again

Humans tend to personalize and internalize many of our possessions. Some of us have a lucky tie, shirt or even a pair of socks we may wear on an important day. There are those of us who refer to our cars as “she” and may even give it a name. You may even talk to plants and most who have pets have spoken to them, even when alone.

Few of us, however, regard our homes in such a personal way.

Oh, we may have our favorite recliner or lounge chair but few view their houses with human qualities. Here’s a new way to view your home that may change the way you view it forever.

Your Front Door is Its Smile

You want it to look great and inviting and certainly want to keep it clean and spotless. Our front doors, like our smiles, are often what makes the first impression on those you meet. Invest in a solid one and keep it maintained, and it will serve you well!

Landscaping is Grooming

You don’t have to have tiered gardens or fountains to have a well-manicured lawn. Good yard grooming habits include keeping the yard mowed with a mower with sharp blades, trimming the edges neat and trimming bushes. Adding a splash of flowers can add some color or interest.

Your HVAC System is Your Homes Lungs

This thought alone should encourage you to change air filters in your HVAC system more frequently. It may also cause you to consider a duct cleaning every several years. It may be why, if you smoke, you may want to do so outside and add live plants indoors to help freshen air.

Your Plumbing is Its Circulatory and Digestive System

If you have a dishwasher you don’t often use, run it occasionally to make sure it is not leaking. The same with showers, sinks and toilets in spare bathrooms. Of course, never put anything down a drain your home can’t digest.

Giving your home some human traits just may help you better appreciate the systems that serve you so well on a daily basis.

Home insurance can help you recover financially should you have a covered loss or should you be held accountable if someone is hurt on your property. To a great degree, it helps to serve and protect the health of your home. Contact one of our independent insurance agents to get an updated quote today. We look forward to assisting you!