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ICA Insurance Marketing offers its extensive marketing program to member agencies, at no outside cost.

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Digital Marketing Benefits

You NEED an Online Presence

Digital Marketing is tough when competing with large competitors and direct marketing companies with seemingly unlimited advertising budgets. ICA Agency Alliance, Inc. (our Master Agency) has a proven solution that will help you meet the obstacles head-on. ICA Insurance Marketing offers its extensive marketing program to member agencies, at no outside cost. We stand behind you, so you can stand outfrom the competition.

Agency Website

Upon joining, we will provide a full website to our member agents for premium exposure on the web. Your site will be mobile friendly, responsive and personalized to your agency. If you use Facebook, we will post unique content daily to your page as well.

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Build a Brand

Aligning brand strategy to your business is vital to succeed as an insurance agent. If you already have a defined brand, could it use a makeover to keep up with the digital age? A well-defined brand will make growing your agency much easier.

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SEO Marketing

Search Engine Exposure

We will help you set up your business and website on Google and Bing. This will increase your chances of getting found by a potential client and help drive traffic to your website. We also help keep your website relevant and up-to-date with our multiple weekly blog posts.

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Blogs & Social Media Assistance

Making sure your website is up-to-date and current keeps you looking knowledgeable and professional. Our in-house blogger will discuss insurance tips and relevant general interest topics. We will post to your website daily and your Facebook page weekly. This keeps your site fresh and up-to-date which will improve SEO.

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Preferred Agent Finder

Members of ICA Agency Alliance, Inc. are part of our preferred agent finder directory on The Insurance Buzz, another affiliate of ICA. We know our preferred insurance agents at ICA Agency Alliance, Inc. are confident in their knowledge of the industry. We trained them! Become a part of our alliance today.

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Insurance Education

We provide the most unique and successful property and liability insurance education and sales training in the business. This includes both Commercial and Personal Insurance - beginner to advanced. Get exclusive, one-on-one training and education, at no direct cost to you. Visit our Education site, Click Here.

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Sales Training

Develop Your Sales Skills in our Courses

Insurance Marketing Insurance Marketing

Are your sales techniques outdated?

Sales training is a never-ending learning process; you must personally develop skills and techniques for exploring new sales opportunities. It's like technology; keeping up with the latest trends is a must if you want to grow your business. As the internet evolves into a quick quote process, asking only three questions for a final price (and limited coverage), the need for today’s agent to connect with potential clients is crucial.

Today's consumers are savvy; your outdated techniques are not grabbing their attention the way you intended. Let ICA Insurance Marketing do the hard work keeping up with the latest trends. This gives you more time to focus on personalizing your sales skills.

    What You Will Learn

  • Build Better
    Client Relationships

  • Strategic
    Prospecting Skills

  • Time

  • Create a
    Loyal Brand

  • Convert New
    Leads to SALES!

Insurance Education

Get One-Of-A-Kind Insurance Education

Through ICA Agency Alliance, Inc., you get access to the most unique and successful property and liability insurance education in the business. We teach agents one-on-one, so you get the attention you need to become confident in your skills. It is important to understand targeted sales and marketing techniques to give you a step above the competition and write the type of business you want. Learn how to build better relationships with new leads, create a loyal brand, and to better convert new leads to sales!

Beginner to Advanced

Our training and education program is built to encompass all levels of agents experience by providing a broad curriculum of educational opportunities.

Sales Skills

Our sales skills training offers unique insights into the sales process and how to leverage your knowledge and beat the competition.

Continuing Education

We offer continuing education, and topics vary for new agents to experience agents.

Niche Marketing

Marketing can vary in size and scope. Our agents are encouraged to identify niche markets and create a marketing plan around these to become experts in these fields, build referrals and increase their revenue.

Online Insurance Education

Agency Principles, Producer & Staff

We focus on providing training not only to the agency principle but to their staff as well. We believe a well-trained staff creates a stronger agency with the ability to continue to grow.

Underwriting Skills

We teach to assess each risk, based on their characteristics, to create a clear understanding and appropriately market the risk.

Coverage Training

Understanding the various coverages is paramount to an agents success. We will teach the agent the different coverages available and how to apply this to the client's needs.

Your Power Tool for Success

Visit the Insurance Sales Training & Education site here.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Agency?

Get Much More with ICA Agency Alliance, Inc.

ICA Insurance Marketing offers its extensive marketing program to member agencies, at no outside cost, the opportunity to have the tools to succeed. Together, ICA/SIAA and you have the ability to become a true Insurance Professional. With higher commissions, additional compensation, and profit sharing, we will help you to reach your financial success and goals as your own Independent Insurance Agent. Contact us today, and we will be happy to discuss this with you further.

Much More than Market Access

Market Access

ICA has access to dozens of national and local insurance companies, including most of publicly named recognizable companies, as well as insurance programs exclusive to ICA/SIAA members through SIAA’s proprietary market search tool MarketFinder.

Higher Commission for Insurance Agents

Higher Commission

With over $8 Billion of written insurance premiums, ICA/SIAA receive the highest level of commissions offered by Strategic Partnership insurance companies which are paid directly to our member agents with Direct Primary Sub-Code access.

Additional Compensation

Additional Compensation

By being the largest National Independent Agent Group, ICA/SIAA has contracted with its Strategic Partnership Companies to offer supplemental compensation payable to all members with Direct Primary Sub-Codes quarterly with no loss ratio requirement. I'm Interested! Find out how to join, click here!

Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing

By being the largest National Independent Agent Group, ICA/SIAA has contracted with its Strategic Partnership Companies to offer profit-sharing agreements, either nationally, locally and almost always - both, payable to member agencies with a loss ratio of 60% or less.

Much More than Market Access

Continuing Ed Credit

ICA, through its extensive and unique Insurance Education and Sales Training Program, offers numerous courses with available Continuing Education Credits while you learn new information and sales techniques, all included at no additional cost to members.

Insurance Education

All Levels Education

All ICA members are entitled to receive, at no additional cost, all of the full, unique and comprehensive Education and Sales Training from beginning introductory personal and commercial classes to very sophisticated complex commercial accounts.

Insurance Sales Training

Sales Training

ICA has developed a working sales training process using the Education tools to kick-start new agents to Property/Liability insurance with 5 Day Introductory Training for new agents, the proprietary “Bottom Up Selling Technique” and one-on-one mentoring for complex accounts.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

It is almost impossible for a single agent to afford the high cost of having an internet digital marketing campaign with social media promotion. ICA offers this to all members, at no additional cost, a complex and complete digital marketing program, and ICA does all the work for you.